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Waterfalls Salto of candelas

Waterfalls Salto of candelas

The Candelas Heel

The Salto de Candelas is one of the highest waterfalls in Colombia, about 300 meters high. It is located in the municipality of Pajarito - Boyaca, in the border of Corinto, in limits with the department of Casanare. The waterfall is in the channel of the river Cusiana and is part of the complex of the moors of the mountain range of Francos, the blade the Lisas, and the Boquerón de la Gallina.


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Geospatial Overview

Altitude 3,200 meters above sea level.


Average temperature 14 ° c - 23 ° c


Ecosystem Andean forest and we stop




How to get?


From Bogotá take route to Boyacá passing through cities of Tunja, Paipa, Duitama, Sogamoso and then take the race that communicates with Casanare arriving to the municipality of Pajarito.




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Treking the middle level, you will walk approximately 5 km round trip.


 On the way You have to cross short bridges in wood, which if there is drizzle become very smooth, the path is properly marked and built in stones in the form of a puzzle, some parts are straight and other parts of the road are staggered, especially the The last 200 meters before reaching the waterfall, the road rocks have a beautiful cover and very striking layer of moss. In this crossing we will be accompanied by giant trees, at the top we can see a vine of various plants along with hanging roots, this place makes us enchant and enjoy the wonders that life offers us. The trail will take us to the door of the striking and attractive Salto de Candelas, where we can feel the force of the water, you will be astounded by the enormous and great it is, this tour will allow you to enjoy the privileges of our beloved mother earth, You will renew your energies and you will find a deep relaxation, to the great jump of Candelas at first sight you will appreciate a waterfall of about 80 meters, in the top of the waterfall the cause of the river arrives with great speed, a warning the waiting, fall The water suspended in space and then falls with such force that by striking the bottom, much of it evaporates forming a smoke that rises up the mountain slope forming a large cloud, part of the molecules of water gather and condenses on the Mountain and forms beautiful streams of about 100 meters, calm, oxygenated and pure again return to the bed of the river Cusiana.



If you want to visit this beautiful place we recommend you do it with a specialized guide.


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